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Fund Your Dreams Just Like Ted!

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2019

Ted Duncan, charter school director, has big dreams for Brevard Academy. As the School Director, he wants to not only change the lives of his students, he wants to change the lives of everyone living in Brevard, people and critters included. 

James Allen said, “Until thought is linked to purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment.” 

During a thinking partner call last year, Ted happened to share his dream with me. I said, “You know I’ve helped schools win millions of dollars in grants. Right? If you are open to the consideration, I’d love to make your school dreams come true.” We then scheduled a meeting at Brevard that included Ted; Brevard Board Chair, Mark Campanini; and me. We talked about how grant writing assistance could help them achieve the mission of the school and reach for some of those dreams. I asked for a list of all the ways that Brevard could use grant funding assistance, and if you're a school leader, you probably have a pretty similar list. Ted's list included capital funding, curriculum funding, field trip funding, and other items. 

I listened and took notes; then I left and got to work. I culled through all of my grant resources to find some *just right* grants for Brevard. I found 12 that ranged from being great to good matches for Brevard. Then for good measure, I threw in 7 grants that the teachers could easily write. I compiled them all into a grant report with all the details, so if they wanted to write any of these grants themselves, they could easily do that. 

It's a Process

Ted, Mark, and I met again. This time we culled through Ted and Mark's favorite grants from the grant report. We dreamed a little bit. 

Before we pulled the trigger on any particular grant, Ted and Mark asked me to do a little more research on one particular grant, so I did. It turned out for The Glass Foundation grant, Brevard Academy was a perfect match. The Glass Foundation funded capital campaigns in Western North Carolina counties, and Brevard was one of them. I found another charter school it had previously funded and a private school it had supported. 

And We're Off!

Once Ted and Mark heard that, we were off to the races. I wrote a Letter of Interest (LOI) for The Glass Foundation, a common first step in bigger grant requests. In a few short weeks, we found out that the LOI had been approved, which was the gateway to access to the grant application. We had a few short weeks to submit a complete, concise, and compelling application, so I dove right in. 

With Ted's assistance, I compiled everything that we needed for the grant application, and after he gave me the thumbs up, I hit the submit button. Now we waited. 

The Big News

On May 24th, Ted received the email message that we had been waiting for:

Dear Applicant,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Glass Foundation, I am pleased to inform you that a grant has been awarded to your organization.

Brevard Academy was awarded $50,000 toward the building of a new music and science building on their campus. 

This week, Ted and I have a phone call scheduled to talk about the next dream for Brevard Academy. 

What about you? With what dreams may I assist you?

Be like Ted. Dream big. Give me a call. Let's make this happen. 

An Opportunity

Stick your toe in the grant writing pool:

Join me on Wednesday, July 17th, at 4:30pm for a FREE

   grant writing webinar to fund your school dreams.

 Register HERE.

I've helped schools win over $3.5 million dollars in grant awards. You could be next. 

Email me to schedule a time to think big, or join me on our upcoming webinar.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Ted's Testimonial

“Katy was able to secure a $50,000.00 grant for Brevard Academy. She was highly professional in all of her interactions and collaborated in a highly effective manner with both myself and board members. She was able to take my vision and turn it into a grant proposal that was approved and will ultimately move the school forward.”

Ted Duncan, School Director

Register HERE.

This blog was written by Katy Ridnouer, Author, Grant Writer, and Coach with Leaders Building Leaders. If you found this content valuable, please share it.

If you want to explore winning grants for your school, then reach out to Katy at or 980-333-1939.

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